Hi, I am Kristen Parko!

I am a full-time cardiovascular acute care nurse, mom of two, and professional photographer for 5+ years. (You may be asking, "Where's your son in all your photos Kristen?" Well, unfortunately, he's 12 now which makes him way too cool to be caught dead in a photo with his mother). When I'm not behind my camera or editing away, I can usually be found scrap booking, reading, or singing way too loudly in my car!

I am based out of Great Falls, Montana but have and do enjoy traveling for my awesome clients! I enjoy shooting crisp, vibrant, emotion-filled pictures and can NEVER resist a good sunset or silhouette. My sessions are laid back and comfortable. I pride myself on making sure we are both on the same page before we begin, giving you resources, and answering your questions so you don't feel unprepared going in. My purpose is to make you laugh and make you comfortable, and capture beautiful pictures while doing it!

Ready to begin?